Mannoj Kuamr Jain- Dignified Author of Best-Selling Books

Mannoj Kumar JainIn proximity of writing best-selling books, Mannoj Kumar Jain has no parallels. The way he thinks, the picturesque he creates in mind and the style he puts to specify a story is no lesser than a masterpiece. Mannoj Kumar Jain, a renowned and acclaimed independent writer whose books are flourishing like a beautiful dawn in the market. Exceptionally talented, incredibly brilliant and undoubted high voltage drama creator, Mannoj Kumar Jain is here with his another publication which is soon going to release in the month of March 2016.

Mannoj Kumar Jain, a native of Ghaziabad, U.P. Was always a scholar student and a poet kind of person since his childhood. He is a graduate in Bachelor of Architect from Manipal University, where he was the University topper and gold medalist, both. His stupendous writing brought a lot of popularity for him and today he is known for his rounds of top-selling books.

Mannoj Kumar Jain started his career as an architect but later become an independent writer. Else, during his work, he was also a recognized player of architecture and has 10 years of vast experience in architecture. His designs were focusing on building an affordable and socio-economic establishment.

His hobbies are remarkable and includes motivational speaking, book reading, mind controlling and interacting with different people. These hobbies are generally not indulged in any person and so Mannoj Kumar Jain is a rare kind of person. He is very down to eart and social person.

Mannoj Kumar Jain – Register Permanent Residence – 212, U Block, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110092

Mannoj Kumar Jain - Expert

Best Fictional Stories

Mannoj Kumar Jain is master in thinking out of the box and imagining the best script for a fictional drama. He fixes every character at the right place and connect them in the story in a tremendous way.

Amazing Thriller Scripts

Creating thrill with the help of words is no less than a master art and Mannoj Kumar Jain is a perfect player in this segment. His books raise the goomps and increses blood flow.

Fantasy Maker

Each word of Mannoj’s story will take you in the world of fantasy. His story telling is superb that once you will feel that all of sudden you have landed in the script as the strongest character.